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2013 Routes listed  below.   NEW ROUTES FOR 2014 will be posted as soon as they are  approved with the City of Longmont (March/April 2014).

The G'Knight Ride has new routes this year.  from the Bike Parade down Main Street to, an Old Town Loop, to a whole bunch of new rallies and Parties along the way, the G'Knight Ride routes will definitely have something for everyone!  Click on images for PDF files for your own reference.  As always, we reserve the right to change the routes, as needed (like for safety & construction).

Overall Map
G'Knight Route
 3-mile Route
1-mile Route

The G'Knight Ride - 12+ mile

The signature 12+ mile G'Knight Ride launches from Roosevelt Park in Downtown Longmont at about 6PM.  The Ride travels down US 287 at the heart of Longmont for the Bike Parade, then takes a turn west to follow the Old Town Loop shared by the 3-mile course.  On the Loop, riders ride out on 4th, 3rd, and 6th Avenues, leading up to the top of Longmont at Sunset Golf Course and Price Park. 

From there, it is all down hill Longs Peak Ave and Bowen, past Left Hand Brewery and onto the St Vrain Greenway.
  New this year, riders will cut across Ken Pratt Boulevard (119) at CHUBurger, then follow S. Bowen St and Left Hand Dr to Oskar Blues tasting room, the Tasty Weasel. 

After a good rest and maybe a brewery tour, take the route back up the newly updated Lefthand Creek Greenway under Main St and connect back to the St Vrain Greenway.

On the route back on the east side of Main, riders will take the Spring Gulch Trail up to Longs Peak Ave, crossing over Main St on 5th Ave, and taking a small circuit in Historic Westside up to Roosevelt Park.

The G'Knight Ride can easily be completed in under an hour, however we expect neighborhood parties and fun stuff along the Ride slow the average rider to take 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete.  Remember, the G'Knight Ride is about  having fun with others along the way!

The Nite Ize 3-mile mini Ride - 3.1 miles

The mini Ride begins and follows along with the first 2.5 miles of the G'Knight Ride.  Launching from Roosevelt Park at approximately 5:30PM, riders on this route will be in the heart of the Bike Parade on Main St.  At Bowen St, riders will separate from G'Knight Ride riders, and continue straight back to Roosevelt Park on Longs Peak Ave. 

Perfect for littler legs, the mini Ride should take less than an hour.  The ride up to Price Park is meandering, but a block before Sunset on 6th Ave may require a hand for the littler racers.  The ride down from Price Park is a fun one - about a mile all down hill Longs Peak Ave.

KUNC 91.1 FM 1-mile micro Ride - 1.3 miles

Based on great feedback from last year, this year's micro course is a little longer than last year and follows much of the G'Knight Ride and 3-mile Ride routes.

No, that's not a climb in there - just a 30 foot rise over 4 blocks, from Main St to Gay st, just after the historic Central Elementary School. If your little cyclist wants to wear the polka dot jersey - we aren't stopping you (or them)!

Heading out first down Main St. for the Bike Parade, parents are welcome to ride or run with their kiddos, and even jump back in for either of the other Rides, with or without your tiny racers in tow.

This Ride will start at 5:15PM, following the celebratory waves to kick of the G'Knight Ride this year.

The Tasty Weasel Detour - (along the G'Knight Ride route)

Want to see where Dale's Pale Ale is made?  Take this short detour to the Oskar Blues Brewing Co. tap room (the Tasty Weasel) and ask for a tour if you are so inclined (on the hour).  See where craft beer in a can originated! 

Grab a fresh beer, or a flight.  You can jump back on the Ride at any time before 8:15 PM.

How long should this Detour take you?  It really depends on how long you take on your brewery tour...